CREO X1 is a professional 3D printer, which uses FFF technology (Fused Filament Fabrication), designed to last due to robust mechanical and electronic components of the highest quality. Thanks to its design, combining evident industrial references and transparency which illuminates the manufacturing processes, the X1 fits in well in both professional and home environments.

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The manufacturing process can be monitored from the LCD screen and in addition, by inserting an SD memory card, Creo X1 can work autonomously, without the need for a PC.

The solid mechanical components together with the movement of the axes along recirculating ball bearings give the X1 the guarantee of a long life, as well as an appreciably silent operation.

dettaglio macchina
The extruder used in Creo X1 guarantees maximum precision and reliability even at the highest temperatures and with all materials available on the market. Also, the time required for cleaning and maintenance is minimal.

Weight   35Kg (*)
Structure   Alluminium – Stainless steel
Casing   Policarbonate
Measurements   615*436*515mm
Maximum speed   250mm/sec (*)
Nozzle   0.35mm e/o 0.40mm
Minimum layer thickness   0.05mm
Heated bed   Fitted
LCD monitor   Fitted
Single extruder printing area   366*242*200 (+/-5mm) (*)
Double extruder printing area    326*242*200 (+/-5mm) (*)
Filament types   Filament of 1.75 and/or 3.00 mm: ABS, PLA, Nylon, PET
Recirculating ball bearings on all axes    
Z axis movement with trapezoidal screws    
Adjustable printing base    
Microadjustment Z axis    
Ability to print directly from SD card    

(*)These characteristics may be subject to variations during the evolution of the machine.
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