Creo collaborates with the main fablabs in Italy and invests together with them for the development of new work prospects both in digital crafts and training professionals in the field of 3D printing. In an increasingly difficult labour market, there are however new job opportunities and specialisations in the 3D printing world. Digital Fabrication will allow artisan design to grow, thanks to the extreme flexibility and the possibility of reduced costs of personalisation of single objects. Also, thanks to training in the Fablabs, Creo collaborates in the creation of new professionals within companies specialising in developing software, products and services connected with 3D printing.

Below are some examples of organisations that use our technology

In 2001 we began to share knowledge on Wikipedia , in 2004 videos on Youtube and later, our photos on Flicker. Then it was the turn of our Facebook statuses and fast information exchange on Twitter. Today, we share everything. In recent months, we’ve learned to share bicycles and cars through bike and car sharing schemes. Some people even share sofas and houses…. Share everything!

In this spirit, we opened The Fablab, a fablab in the centre of Milan, a laboratory of shared design, where apart from cars, we share passions and skills.

The FabLab is a laboratory of Digital Fabrication, where you can build almost anything, above all, your future. 3D printers, Arduino, Plotters, laser cutters are all at your disposal to complete and develop your projects.

The FabLab is a place where you can plan and develop your creativity. A place where brains and machines merge to give life to a new world. 3D Printers, Arduino, laser cutters and much more will bring you into the future. If you are a technician, a designer or a maker, with us you can follow courses, attend conferences and workshops, or simply come and take a look at this incredible new world. If you are an entrepreneur or an artisan, you can come to us to take your first steps into digital fabrication and transform our skills into opportunities for your company. We look forward to seeing you!

lavori fablab

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YATTA! Is a makerspace in the centre of Milan.
A place dedicated to people who are passionate about electronics, information technology product design and video making.
YATTA! Is a laboratory open to the public with the goal to encourage the sharing of skills in an artisan and digital environment, through events, workshops, courses and the chance to use machines such as 3D printers and laser cutters.
At YATTA! it's possible to create an object from the idea and design, through to the creation of a prototype or a mini-collection, taking you as far as sales and promotion.
YATTA! in japanese means “I did it!”, “I made it!”, the shout of happiness of those who bring a project to fruition within the space.

Lavori Yatta

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