Creo is aimed at companies and professionals in the fashion, design, interior design and accessories sectors and also architectural, engineering and graphical design firms and artists who wish to create unique projects, limited or personalised series, components for assembly etc.
Thanks to technology developed by CREO, production times and development costs are reduced drastically, allowing firms to compete in a very flexible and ever evolving market.

Below are some examples of organisations that use our technology


Soda Concept explores the potential of 3D printing reinterpreting one of the most iconic accessories of all time, Sunglasses. The connection between an object and its owner is re-defined . Watching the raw material taking shape, the client becomes part of the experience. The process is clear and the client becomes part of its creation.

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Forms & Structures by Andrea Corbetta e Stefano De Crescenzo

The exhibition observes, from a historical point of view, the design culture of the fifties and sixties, focussing on hybridisation between engineering and architecture.
The interchanging of relationships and at times confusion of roles produced a series of works and projects of high artistic and scientific value, blurring the boundaries between the two disciplines. The study of this period, of its protagonists and their results is now used in the development of a reflection on the very elements of architecture.
Historical analysis becomes a means of proposition and promotion of a conscious approach to architecture; conscious of the need for and knowledge of building systems. An architecture in which materials and technique, to fit the space and form, find their role.
The prints of the model architecture have been realized at the makerspace Yatta!

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Akifumi (Aki) was born in Kyoto in 1983.
In 2007 he graduated in textile design at Tama Art University of Tokyo.
After completing his degree, Aki dedicated himself completely to interior design, first in Japan, later in Italy, working in the office of Claudio Bellini until 2013. Since 2014, he has been working independently between Milan and Tokyo.
Aki is currently active within the makerspace Yatta !

The lamps created by Aki are an experimental project, with a structure entirely made through 3D printing. Much more than simple lampshades, these are true points of light in which to place high luminosity neon or led lights. A new project, unique as every client can request completely personalised articles.

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